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Enhance Your Rainwater Harvesting System with DEEPLEEN Filters. Experience Pure, Filtered Water for a Greener Tomorrow. About Us Deepleen Insta Solution is one of the best supplier of `RAINY’ First of its kind Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filters with self cleaning and auto flush out arrangements. ‘RAINY’R Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filter™ is the result of over 10 years Continuous R&D done by the team of Farmland, by studying the pattern of rain fall in rural and urban India, intensity of rainfall, type of houses, pipeline used for rainwater outlets, re utilization, recharging of ground water and Tube well etc. In the past decade we have witnessed phenomenal changes in global weather patterns. The unpredictable and erratic weather patterns have resulted in torrential down pours and rainfalls of very high intensity. These heavy duty Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting filters are so designed; keeping in mind the capture of rainfall loads varying from 5mm to 75mm/hour without affecting the efficiency of filter and the operating required less than 0.06 kg/cm2 (2 feet) so the filter can perform even in low Roof areas. The design, stability and filter function efficiency is directly proportional to the intensity of rainfall. Different models of filters were set in place to capture rainwater from varied rooftops. This brought in affordability, to all cross sections of households and Industry. The state of the art Farmland R& D & hydraulic testing lab, with the most modern and sophisticated machinery and equipment enabled us to achieve a breakthrough in inventing a completely revolutionary series of filters both in design and functions .These new filter models are capable of handling various sizes of Roof areas .All the filter models work on the principle of cohesion force of water molecules and centrifugal force of water. It is scientifically designed and built to give a long and dependable service. The key point of this filter is the self cleaning mechanism in eliminating the need of periodic maintenance. Careful selection of materials and manufacturing assures the customer a satisfactory performance as per the filter rating. All materials used in this Technology are eco-friendly and recyclable. The Technology has gained wide acceptance reaching out thousands of consumers especially individual households, Institutions, schools & colleges, hospitals , commercial buildings, corporate sectors, industries, Govt. & semi government Organizations Rainy Filters Rainy has recharged over 3000 bore wells both in the private and public sector and installed more than 10000 Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Filters in Rural and Urban areas. The technology has helped in the rural areas with significant improvement in the yield levels of bore wells which were earlier either dry or having low yields. Hundreds of Govt. lower and higher primary Schools have also been benefitted in terms of assured drinking water supply as well as quality water for cooking midday meals. A dedicated team of professionals constantly train, upgrade and equip the skills of dealers for the successful implementation of the technology in different parts of the Country. The technology has been installed in a number of Government sponsored projects along with World Bank assisted projects reaching the remote corners of the Country, including urban areas. The beneficiaries include a number of Government aided schools, gram panchayaths, Zillapanchayath, Central Railways, Apartment and residential buildings, individual households, Factories, corporate houses, Hospitals, Government buildings, Institutions and Farmers. Rainy Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Technology is also gaining worldwide acceptance with orders and queries from Europe and North America. Rainy Filters Rainy Filters have won twice the national Awards: The National Award for Excellence in Water management (2009) conducted by the Confederation of Indian industry (CII) and certified the filter as “Most Innovative water saving Product. For the second consecutive year, the firm has been honored with national award for innovative environmental solutions. JSW–THE TIMES OF INDIA Earth Care award under the category “Innovation for climate protection”. In the year 2011, Indian green Building Council (IGBC) has recognized the contribution done towards mother earth and awarded the firm as `Green champions”
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