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Medellín (Antioquia)
These are 8 commercial premises perfect for the investment you were looking for, of which 4 of them are located in Bello Cabañas in the same shopping center next to each other or in a row (currently all 4 are rented since 1/9/2020 for 5 million pesos for a single business, last appraisal January 10, 2020)local 101: 57m2local 102: 43m2local 103: 33m2local 104: 33m2More than 40m2 of common areas and parking (administration paid)The other 4 stores are located in one of the best commercial points in the city of Medellín with a large influx of people such as the AV. Oriental, these four stores are located on the first floor at the level of Av. Giving the visibility and accessibility that every businessperson wants for their company, close to Coltejer, Bolívar Park and more important places on said Av. These stores are also consecutive where you can join them and build a single business or leave them as they are and generate income individually, these 4 places have barbecues and 1.60m high mezzaninesLocal 1: 11.50m2Local 2: 11.50m2Local 3: 11m2Local 4: 16m2 + 7m2 of BasementThese premises do not pay administrationEACH ONE ACCOUNT WITH REAL ESTATE REGISTRATIONThe valuation of the 8 stores together made by La Lonja indicates a price of 1,650 million but this time you will have the opportunity to acquire them for 1,450 million pesos (in cash). YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXCHANGE.
Col$ 1.450.000.000
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MLR  ofrece  en Renta Piso 5 completo para oficina con area de 553 m2 en Edificio Santa Clara, con acceso por la Carrera 9A y Calle 97A, cercanía a transporte público, y a zona financiera y hotelera. del World Trade Center de la calle 100.Precio Renta por m2.................................................COP$  63.000.00 + IVAPrecio de Administración por m2...............................COP$ 12.000.00El edificio cuenta con acceso inteligente con tarjeta electrónica y con vigilancia 24 horas para trabajo contínuo, parqueaderos subterraneos en 2 sótanos. Acceso a recepción y a los pisos superiores con 2 ascensores independientes. Escaleras de emergencia  presurizadas. El piso 5 del edificio tiene.una area de 553 m2 y se renta con: -86 Puestos de trabajo (escritorio y silla) -110 puntos de cableado estructurado -1 Oficina de Gerencia -1 Sala de Juntas para 12 personas -3  oficinas con division en vidrio para subgerencias y supervisores -90 Casilleros -1 Cuarto de Servidores con ducteria -2 Bateria de baños independientes  para hombres y mujeres -1 Zona de Cafetería -1 Terraza abierta de 30 m2 -Acceso a escalera de emergencia presurizada -Sistema contra incendios y splinters  -Aire acondicionado central con difusor y evaporador situado en la cubierta del edificio -Planta eléctrica de emergencia de 250 KVA -Tableros eléctricos y circuitos independientes -Acceso directo por 2 ascensores -3 Parqueaderos -Zona para parqueo de Bicicletas -Zona de Parqueo para motocicletasDESCRIPTION ENGLISH VERSIONMLR offers a complete office space of 553 m2 (5952.44 sq feet)for rent on the 5th floor of the Santa Clara Building, with access from Carrera 9A and Calle 97A, close to public transportation, and to the financial and hotel zone of the World Trade Center on Calle 100.Rent Price /m2.............................................COP$ 63.000 + IVAPrice of Administration/m2...........................COP$ 12.000The building has intelligent access with electronic card and 24 hour surveillance for continuous work, underground parking in 2 basements. Access to reception and to the upper floors with 2 independent elevators. Pressurized emergency stairs. The 5th floor of the building has an area of 553 m2 and is rented with: -86 Work stations (desk and chair) -110 structured cabling points -1 Management Office -1 Meeting Room for 12 people -3 offices with glass division for sub-managers and supervisors -90 Lockers -1 Server Room with ducting -2 Separate battery for men and women -1 Cafeteria Zone -1 open terrace of 30 m2 -Access to pressurized emergency staircase -Fire fighting system and splinters  -Central air conditioning with diffuser and evaporator located on the roof of the building -250 KVA emergency power plant -Electric boards and independent circuits -Direct access by 2 lifts -3 Parking lots -Bicycle parking area -Motorcycle Parking ZoneComercializa My Location Realty - www.mylocationrealty.com 
Col$ 34.839.000
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